Climate control

Instalaciones Itchart has established itself in recent years as a leading company in the climate control industry, undertaking high-quality and innovative projects while actively researching new technologies that can provide our customers with greater efficiency and profitability.

Itchart carries out climate control projects tailored to our customers’ needs. We offer all our experience and professional advice when it comes to choosing the products, brands and models that best suit the tastes and budget of customers who increasingly trust our services.


Instalaciones Itchart boasts the human team, technical support and structures required to provide practical services that deliver continuity and guarantee the best installation possible. This involves everything from preliminary studies tailored to our customers’ needs to the design and execution of projects.

In short, we provide our customers with highly specialised services and a myriad of added value:

Types of climate control

  • • Direct expansion system:
    • • Wall, floor and ceiling split units.
    • • Duct splits with the distribution network and its air diffusion.
    • • Variable refrigerant volume system (VRV).
    • • Water/air system (cooling plants, climate control systems and fan coil units).

Types of heating systems

    1. • Gas heating (boilers, heat generators).
    2. • Radiant heating (radiators, underfloor heating).
    3. • Heat pump (air conditioning systems).
    4. • Electrical heating.

Types of vents

    1. • Natural ventilation (air ducts).
    2. • Mechanical ventilation (fans, extractors).
    3. • Heat recovery units (renewal of air without wasting energy inside the premises).


A service created to provide technical support to all our activities. Instalaciones Itchart provides technical advice from fully trained professionals with extensive experience in the installation and maintenance industry.

Thanks to our highly qualified team, we can provide our customers with a full range of specific services, either as a complement to our maintenance plan or an independent alternative utility.

The most frequently requested services are:

    • Condition and status reports of existing installations.
    • Feasibility studies of alternative solutions to existing installations.
    • Projects to upgrade existing installations.
    • Certification projects for existing or new installations.
    • Basic projects and execution of new installations.

Aftersales services

The maintenance of an installation is very important for extending its lifespan and securing maximum efficiency, safety and profitability.

Instalaciones Itchart boasts a large team to carry out these preventive maintenance projects on any kind of installation.

What’s more, our Technical Assistance Department is staffed by highly qualified experts who quickly respond to and solve any kind of faults or maintenance issues.

Preventive maintenance

Structured through the application of proven protocols and systematic actions to be carried out according to the maintenance plan for each installation. This tailored plan is designed to guarantee the proper operation of the installation, the maximum lifespan of all components, the optimal energy efficiency and performance, and the highest level of prevention of environmental impacts.

Predictive maintenance

Based on the application of proven efficiency procedures through the regular analysis of the state of repair of the installations and equipment to be maintained and the systematic control of deviations from the main operating parameters of the machines and systems. Based on this control, reports are created in order to schedule preventive or corrective maintenance to prevent any issues from becoming more serious faults.

These predictive reports will also propose, where necessary, all the appropriate modifications or replacements of elements in the installations and equipment to optimise the systems and achieve better service planning. This is with a view to preventing unwanted incidents and outages and to adapting the installations to current regulations and standards.

Corrective maintenance

This includes the urgent attention of any faults in the installations in order to get them back to working order in the shortest possible time, depending always on the complexity of the fault.

This is the most specialised type of maintenance, as many technical resources are required to interpret the faults. It also calls for a high level of knowledge in the subject matter to give the right opinion, which is always conveyed to the customer before taking any corrective action.

Advantages of the maintenance contract

Saves money
It is based on energy saving.
An installation in a perfect state of repair uses up to 30% less energy.

Durability of equipment
A good preventive service increases lifespan and optimises performance.

Uninterrupted service
We guarantee the ongoing operation of your installation, thereby avoiding inconveniences and ensuring comfort.


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