Heating and gas

Installation, repair and maintenance service for heating systems in homes, businesses and industries.


    • Heating installations with state-of-the-art natural gas or diesel combi boilers.
    • Installation of biomass boilers using natural fuels such as pellets, olive stones or forest residues.
    • Heating installation with iron, aluminium or stainless steel radiators, with distribution networks of embedded or exposed polyethylene or copper pipes. Smart controls with modulating thermostats with cable or WiFi.
    • Installation of low-consumption grid-connected electric radiators and controls for consumption management.
    • Installation of underfloor heating with distribution by collectors and zoned controls.
    • Installation of low-consumption aerothermal equipment with heat distribution via fan coils or high-performance radiators.
    • Installation of smart temperature and consumption control systems.
    • Repair and maintenance of natural gas and diesel boilers (multi-brand service).


    • Installation, repair and maintenance of natural gas and propane installations in homes, businesses and industries.
    • Renovation and upgrade of outdated natural gas installations in neighbourhood communities.
    • Replacement of old gas cylinders.
    • Procedures for certification, connection and disconnection of natural gas.


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