Itchart is a service company with more than fifty years of experience in the installation, new build, repair and refurbishment industries.

We have a team of professionals fully trained to carry out everything from minor repairs to large-scale installations.

Our customers (homeowners, small businesses, shops, offices, large companies, builders, neighbourhood communities and public authorities) highly rate the qualities that we have instilled ever since our company was created: professional ethics, responsibility and quality service.

What sets us apart is our AFTER-SALES service. This is key to achieving full customer satisfaction and confidence.

Immediate availability and speed in the event of urgent repairs means that many homeowners and companies use our services on a daily basis.

In the field of full refurbishments of homes, premises and companies in general, we have a turnkey service for the customer, who contracts an end-to-end service with a single provider. This streamlines the project, guarantees deadlines, sets priorities and provides the perfect end result.

Technological innovation is one of the areas in which we invest the most resources. Training courses in new technologies, knowledge of new products and solutions in the field of installations.

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Our expert team of interior designers add value to new builds and refurbishment projects. New layouts and the use of innovative and state-of-the-art materials. Aesthetics and functionality as a result of a great project always guarantee an amazing result for the customer.

Our commitment to the environment means that we always fit maximum efficiency installations. Geothermal energy and biomass hold a very important place on our agenda. Promoting all these energies will boost our respect for the environment, which is paramount for our planet’s health.


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