Water - distribution and treatment

Water distribution and treatment services:

    • Installation, repair and maintenance of drinking water installations for residential buildings, businesses and industries.
    • Installation of pumping equipment for water from wells or tanks, with pressure regulators and level control systems.
    • Installation of irrigation networks for landscaped areas with pressure booster systems, irrigation controllers and water distribution systems such as sprinklers, drips, etc.
    • Installation of DHW production systems using electric water heaters and low NOx watertight natural gas heaters.
    • Installation of water filtration equipment with removal of suspended particles.
    • Installation of compact, high-performance, low-consumption water softeners for homes and business premises.
    • Installation of reverse osmosis equipment for the production of drinking water with enhanced taste and quality.
    • Analysis and quality control of drinking water, with laboratory testing.
    • Installation of wastewater sanitation networks, with reuse systems providing water for irrigation or toilets.
    • Installation of appliances and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.


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